Why do people choose 4G boosters?


It’s a great idea to switch to 4G to improve your internet speed.  There is no doubt that with UCtell service you can boost 4G signal anywhere in the country. These amplifiers are designed for isolated or poorly covered homes that do not have access to broadband.

In the countryside or in the mountains, they are especially useful for speeding up your Internet connection. A 4G box is a modem that uses a 4G or 4G+ mobile network instead of using a telecommunications network (ADSL or fiber).

Although there are many tricks to increase your internet speed and put an end to long loading times and slow page refreshes. Moreover, comparing internet offers on the market and finding the one that can provide you with the best connection at home is a must if you want to get a quality service.

With the help of this article, we will see several ways to improve your internet. Even more, you can compare all the offers adapted to your accommodation and thus choose the best solution that will allow you to improve your internet connection.

How to find out the speed of your internet connection?

The desire to increase your internet connection is a good thing. You still need to know the speed of your internet connection! It couldn’t be easier.

All you need to do is perform a throughput test or a speed test. The good news is that you can take this test as many times as you like. In this way, you can measure the effectiveness of the solutions mentioned in this guide to improve your Internet connection one by one after they are implemented.

How to improve internet connection by clearing RAM

Before blaming, perhaps wrongly, your Internet connection, first evaluate your hardware and how you use it.  Indeed, the quality of your speed may also depend on the RAM available on your computer.

 If the RAM is nearing the end, then your entire system is affected.  The desire to improve your internet connection without doing this step (clearing) can be fruitless.  Close heavy programs (video games, Adobe suite, etc.) and clean up your computer by deleting unnecessary files.

 It is also important to answer the following questions:

  •  Is your browser up to date? In an outdated version, increasing internet speed may be difficult.
  •  Are your plugins and extensions up to date? If they are too old, they are more likely to waste memory.
  •  Do you have too many tabs open at the same time? Of course, they can be very greedy and slow down your connection.
  •  What about your computer?  If it’s over 5 years old, you may have a culprit.  Sometimes just replacing your computer with a newer model is enough to improve your Internet connection.

Improve your internet connection by updating your wi-fi router

If you want to know how to increase the speed of your Internet connection, then ask yourself the following question: how old is your router? Like all hardware, it gets old and your ISP doesn’t necessarily warn you about it. Older routers may not meet the latest connectivity standards.

Increase your internet speed by moving your router

It is important to understand that in order to optimize the strength of your Internet signal and increase the speed of the Internet, your router must work well. Start by not overloading it, trapping it in a piece of furniture, or near an obstacle that could interfere with signal propagation. It is common knowledge that walls are the enemies of WiFi and can become obstacles that are difficult for waves to cross. If your house mainly has gypsum partitions, then they can play with a passage through the wall.

Your router’s neighbors can also turn into subversive agents! Do not place it near objects that also emit waves, such as electrical appliances or metal objects.

What’s more, you can buy WiFi repeaters, if you have a big house, invest in a router that will provide you with a quality WiFi connection.

As the name suggests, a Wi-Fi repeater “repeats” your router’s WiFi coverage. And as a result, it duplicates the signal, bypassing the walls, and thereby expands the coverage of your wireless connection. A Wi-Fi repeater is a small box that plugs into an electrical outlet where you want to boost your Internet connection speed.

Distance matters

Is your box next to your computer? To ensure a better connection and increase Internet speed, it is best to connect your computer to the set-top box using an Ethernet cable. This simple trick allows you to improve your internet connection and optimize it without any additional steps.  Choose a quality cable. With this trick, the stream will be more stable and the speed will be better for devices connected to WiFi. So, no more slowness of the Internet! 

How to avoid white zones in your office or home?

You need to call customer service to discuss your options. Same principle for mobile telephony: contact your operator! Another tip: if you are there, check in your phone settings which operators you pick up in the area where you are located. You will then be able to directly choose the one you capture best (be careful: this may vary from one smartphone to another.) If you receive only one or two, you are part of a “black zone” that remains poorly served.

Do you officially live in the white zone? Don’t give up on the idea of ​​a good and fast internet just yet. There are solutions that allow you to use the Internet!

For example, connection via 4G signal. Do you live in an ADSL white zone but not in a mobile one? Then it is quite possible for you to use the Internet through a mobile network. Contact UCtell who will help you and you will benefit from the Internet. You can easily boost 4G signal even in the village! The charm of rural life – yes, but you definitely can enjoy the Internet connection here!

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