What Are the Benefits of Having a Virtual Address for Business in London


The virtual office service allows you to receive telephone calls, faxes, and correspondence in the absence of an actual office in the country of registration of the company. Thus, the respectability of your business increases, making cooperation with the company convenient and simple. A virtual office in the UK creates the effect of the physical presence of a company in the country of incorporation, helps gain the trust of partners and customers, improves business communication, and provides access to the international level. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having a business in England and a virtual address for business in London.

The Advantages of Having a Company in the UK

The UK has been attracting investors for many years, thanks to quite loyal business conditions. The state is one of the ten countries in which small and medium-sized businesses are encouraged in every possible way; all conditions have been created for doing business here. Today, owning a business in the UK is an indicator of prestige, a stable income, and a profitable investment. What are the advantages of starting a business in the country?

  1. Robust Economy

The UK has a developed business environment, thanks not only to large companies but also to the owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, the country comprehensively supports start-up businessmen, reducing bureaucratic procedures and minimizing initial investments.

  1. Wide Possibilities for Foreigners

There are several types of business visas. You can try your hand in a new business starting with a startup, after a couple of years of development, get an entrepreneurial visa, and after 3-5 years, apply for permanent residence. Moreover, the country of citizenship does not matter – in the UK you are judged purely on talents and actions.

  1. Cost Savings

To register a company in the UK, you do not need to spend money on registration, certification, or sending a lot of papers. Costs are limited to a very low government fee, registration fee, and payment for the services of the Hoxton Mix company if you decide to save time.

  1. Simplicity of Design

If the documents are properly prepared, the process of registering a company, and opening accounts in the UK does not require much time and effort. Hoxton Mix will help to prepare the necessary papers, to open a bank account, etc.

  1. Easy Management

Having decided to open a business in the UK, there is no need to be afraid of endless checks. As a rule, in the initial period of business running the authorities aren’t particularly interested in your activities, and we will take care of competent financial documentation, taxes, and other paper requirements.

  1. Tax Climate

Despite the fact that the standard income tax rate is not low, England has a system of tax incentives, deductions, rebates, etc. Moreover, the UK has an agreement with most countries to avoid double taxation. Therefore, the main thing is to cooperate with competent specialists who are aware of all the problems.

  1. Remote Control

To register a company in England, it is not at all necessary to come to the country – everything can be done remotely, on the basis of a power of attorney. Manage your business remotely, from anywhere in the world, and only move when your business is on a sustainable path.

How Does a Virtual Address for Business in London Work?

Everyone knows that the company secretary undertakes the main work of the company when communicating with your customers. The first impression of the client’s communication with the secretary of your company is very important, and what else is very important for the prestige of your company is to have your company’s office in London in one of the most economically developing countries.

To have a real office in London, you need to have a large budget for its maintenance of it. Opening a virtual office in London, which is very popular with developing companies today, will cost much more economically for your company’s budget.

Taking calls to the phone number in London of your customers, a specialized virtual secretary will follow all your instructions that you previously agreed upon. Also, the virtual secretary will redirect to your duty phone number or hold short negotiations during your absence, receive a fax for your company, report e-mail, or postal address for receiving correspondence.

Thus, a virtual office in London will not only save your company’s budget but also increase the rating of your customers. By contacting the specialists of the Hoxton Mix, you will receive competent advice on the work of a virtual address in the name of your company.

Hoxton Mix Can Help You to Get a Virtual Address in London

If you have decided to start a business in the UK, then with us you can even remotely register a company in London or any other city without having to travel to the country, spend money on a real office and spend time on a number of organizational procedures. We work under this scheme:

  1. You consult with us, tell us about your plans, and get a list of initial recommendations for doing business in the UK.
  1. We hire a personal secretary who will take all your instructions, forward calls from clients, set up online meetings and conduct short negotiations, receive posts and parcels, and promptly send you important invoices and documents.
  1. By proxy, we register a company in your name, provide a local postal address to which correspondence will be sent, a telephone number in London, and a working e-mail.
  1. We conduct all accounting and tax reporting and deal with organizational issues.


To open a business in the UK and further develop it locally, considerable material costs are required, including office renting, hiring employees, paying organizational expenses, etc. A virtual business address allows you to get rid of these costs. Opening a company remotely is a good opportunity to probe the market: to understand how much your product/service is in demand among the British, to find out the features of business development in the country, and only after that – to make the final decision to move.

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