What a Strong Support System Can Do


A national study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health states that one in six American adults faces mental health problems. The conditions leading to these problems can be mild or severe. The good news is that adults can usually regain control of their lives by taking the necessary steps. It involves understanding the importance of having a support system, which can include not only family and friends, but even complete strangers.

What Does Having A Support System Mean?

A support system is a network of people that provide you with practical support or emotional support. It has been shown that these support systems can improve your overall health as well as reduce stress and anxiety. When you have a support system, you can count on them to be there for you. It means that you have people you can turn to whenever you are facing a challenge.

The Building Of A Support System

Anyone Whom to support should have a support system. Many people think that doing things alone is easier and their health is something only they should concern themselves with. This is not the case at all. Although it is important to do some things on your own, maintaining a healthy mental and physical state requires a support system who is always there to help when you need it. You must surround yourself with the right people if you want to progress in your career or learn new skills. It is important to have the right people around you to support and cheer you on through life. Here are some helpful tips Highland Springs has put together for building your support team:

  • Consider joining a sports team or workout group to boost your mood, improve your physical health, and socialize.
  • Identify the people who offer the most positive and truthful advice among your current social circle and family relationships.
  • Allow yourself to ask for help when you need it and to accept it as graciously as you can.
  • Try new activities alone or with others to meet new people who can be positive influences.

Support Systems are Important

It can be difficult to maintain good mental health. When it takes over your life, it can cause you to feel unworthy of social interactions or care from others. In spite of these thoughts, it is important to maintain a positive outlook and remember that everyone is deserving of love and care. There are several benefits to choosing the right people to spend time with and having a support system.

Social Support

Mental illness is often made worse by isolation. When you’re at your most vulnerable, it’s frightening how the brain can work against you. This can cause you to suffer from anxiety, depression, and other conditions by offering confirmation bias of your worst insecurities.

The ability to focus on people and interactions is enhanced by social support, which helps to reconnect you with the outside world.

Positive Influence

The unprompted check-ins often encourage you to lead a healthier lifestyle. You may be encouraged to eat a healthy meal by your spouse when he or she returns home from work. A friend may encourage you to go to the gym with him. You may see your mother come by and clean up the house and open the blinds.

Every now and then, all of these activities will become too much to handle. You might even become angry, frustrated, or pressured. These are also often lifesavers as they provide buoyancy in times when depression could otherwise sink you to your knees. The further along you are in your recovery process, the more grateful you will be for these moments.

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